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Animation Courses Pune

MAAC Animation is a place where you can get to learn animation in detail in Pune. To grab yourself any of the top animation courses, you can get the complete guide in a single place and choose your type of course from among the many to help you improve your desired career scope.

Our Animation Programs in Pune

(Advanced Program in 3D Animation)

AD3D EDGE PLUS is an animation program that teaches a wide range of animation and filmmaking techniques, industry-driven software & computer programs.

(Advance Animation)

In this D3D animation training program in Pune we cover modules focused on various nuances of Animation Film Making.

(Animation & Film Making)

DAFM is the Diploma in Animation & Film Making and introduces students to the details of pre-production & the art of digital filmmaking

Design Viz Pro

This is one of the short-term animation courses in Pune We outline the essential process of design visualization by using the industry’s leading visualization toolsets.

Animation Courses in Pune Highlights

MAAC Kharadi offers the program, you are given exclusive opportunities to interact with the industry professionals and perfect your skills using value added content including the online training videos.

100% placement assistance

Secure your future with guaranteed placement support, ensuring a smooth transition from education to a fulfilling career.

Experienced Faculty

Learn from industry veterans, gaining insights from their expertise and practical knowledge for a well-rounded education.

Hands-on practical learning

Dive into real-world scenarios with immersive, practical learning experiences that prepare you for the challenges of your chosen field.

Job-oriented course

Acquire skills directly applicable to your career path, ensuring you are job-ready and equipped for success in the professional arena.

Career Options In Animation Courses

  • Production Assistant
  •  Modeler
  •  Specializes in making models and puppets.
  •  2D Key Animator
  •  Provides the first drawings.
  •  3D Key Animator
  •  Special Effects Animator
  •  Compositor
  •  Brings together all the material.
  •  Character Animator
  •  Responsible for creating and animating the character.
  •  Director

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