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VFX Courses Pune

As we all know, VFX has been continually growing for the past few years and has a bright future in India. This is a big industry that requires talented and skilled personnel. If you want to be a part of this industry, grasp the right skills through the VFX courses from the best VFX institute in Pune, MAAC Animation- Kharadi.

Our VFX Programs in Pune

(Advance VFX Plus)

ADVFX Plus is an advanced level visual effects training in Pune, designed for aspiring students. learn beginner to advanced standard of industry applications.

VFX Plus

If you want to have a lucrative career in VFX and earn recognition up to a global level, this has to be your VFX training in Pune.


This is the last stage of production process that creates the final look and feel of a film, video, advertisement or TV show. This course teaches you the various filmmaking styles and techniques.

VFX Courses in Pune Highlights

VFX career in India has grown unbelievably during the latest years, particularly in the film industry. As a result, many more films with small budgets have significantly used visual effects. In brief, VFX has become India’s most favoured profession among students and job seekers. If you believe you have creativity, then you can brush up your skills through these VFX courses in Pune and say goodbye to the conventional courses that you are bored with.

100% placement assistance

Secure your future with guaranteed placement support, ensuring a smooth transition from education to a fulfilling career.

Experienced Faculty

Learn from industry veterans, gaining insights from their expertise and practical knowledge for a well-rounded education.

Hands-on practical learning

Dive into real-world scenarios with immersive, practical learning experiences that prepare you for the challenges of your chosen field.

Job-oriented course

Acquire skills directly applicable to your career path, ensuring you are job-ready and equipped for success in the professional arena.

Career Options In Animation Courses

  •  Motion Graphics Artist
  •  Compositor (VFX & 3D)
  •  Cloth Artist
  •  VFX Paint Artist
  •  VFX Roto Artist
  •  Info-Graphics Artist
  •  FX Artist
  •  Hair And Fur Artist
  •  Stereo Paint Artist
  •  Stereo Roto Artist
  •  Matte Painter
  •  Match Moving Artist
  •  BG Prep Artist
  •  Keying Artist.

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