MAAC Kharadi Pune

Open For 2024

3D animation is the next evolutionary step after 2D animation, using software to generate characters, environments, props, and sets in a virtual, three-dimensional space. Both 2D and 3D character animation focus on the fundamental principles of animation. Rather than drawing characters by hand, however, 3D animators use digital characters to act out and create captivating performances.

3D animation is the art of creating moving images in a three-dimensional digital environment. It involves crafting characters, landscapes, and objects with depth, texture, and lifelike qualities. By manipulating these elements, animators breathe life into their creations, bringing imagination into vibrant, realistic motion. 


  • Storyboarding: Plan the scenes, actions, and transitions to visualize the animation’s flow. 
  • Modeling: Create 3D models of characters, props, and environments using specialized software. 
  • Texturing: Apply textures and colors to the models to give them realistic appearances. 
  • Rigging: Develop a skeleton or rig for models, allowing animators to manipulate them smoothly. 
  • Animation: Animate the rigged models by defining movement, expressions, and actions. 
  • Lighting: Set up lighting to enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of the scenes. 
  • Rendering: Process the animation frames into a sequence, giving the final visual output. 
  • Editing: Assemble the rendered frames, add effects, and fine-tune the animation in post-production software. 

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